Tips for Cycling in Winter

Exercising in the winter can be a daunting thought, as the weather gets darker and more miserable but for those of you who are dedicated and want to brave the wintry conditions, there are a few tips you can follow to ensure you are safe on the roads and avoid injury! By making sure you are careful while you are out on your bike, you can get the most out of cycling in winter and ensure you are still exercising.

Wear the right clothing

With the cold weather settling in and rain and snow most probably on its way, it is important you wrap up properly before you get on your bike. Choosing windproof, thermal and waterproof clothing can ensure you stay warm and dry, avoiding possible illness. Be sure to buy cycle-specific clothing that will mean you don’t overheat or sweat too much.

Plan a sensible route

Know where you are going on your bike ride and ensure you stick to proper paths and look out for weather conditions that may require a route change. Ensure you take a charged phone and money for emergencies in case the weather gets the better of you; you don’t want to end up being stranded!

Look out for punctures

The worse the weather, the more likely you are to get a puncture thanks to wet conditions on the road. This can affect the inner tube of your tyres, so make sure you have spares and a working pump so you are prepared for any eventuality while you are out and about.

Maintain your bike

If you regularly check the chains and gears of your bike, you are likely to minimise the number of mishaps you have on your bike. Likewise, you can invest in a bike that you use purely in the winter that should have wider tyres and lights along with lower gears to cope with a slower winter pace.

Bright lights

Cyclists can often be hard to spot especially in dark or rainy weather. It is common sense to make sure your bike is equipped with visible lights that will keep you safe and allow other cyclists, motorists and even pedestrians to see you.

If for some unfortunate reason you do injure yourself this winter while you’re cycling, Physio Wellbeing can offer high quality sport injury rehab to get you back on your feet in no time. Contact us today to see how we can help you.