How Physiotherapy for Elderly Patients Can Help Reduce Impact of Ageing

Our bodies will naturally experience wear and tear as we age; this is a normal process that occurs due to living an active life over the years. Sometimes it’s a case of reduced strength and balance over a period of time, other times it can be something more serious. Age-related incidents can include the likes of reduced muscle strength, poor co-ordination and general problems with mobility and balance.

Physiotherapy for elderly patients can help to reduce some of the impact ageing can have on our bodies. Whether you are experiencing deteriorating motor skills or something more severe, you may benefit from physiotherapy treatment.

Elderly can be more prone to accidents

Aches and pains are more likely to develop the older we are but this isn’t something you have to live with every day. In 2015, it was reported that over-65s accounted for 70% of bed days in hospitals, with over 3 million falls annually among the older population. The Chartered Society of Physiotherapists believe that around 200,000 of these falls could be prevented through physiotherapy.

Here at Physio Wellbeing, we don’t think you should let such aches and pains affect your daily routine. We have a concentrated list of treatments and senior citizen rehab is one of them. Physiotherapy for elderly patients can help to reduce symptoms of growing older, by improving factors like strength, balance, co-ordination and flexibility; all of which can be affected.

How can physiotherapy help?

Physiotherapy is used as a restorative treatment that should be both comforting and stress-free. It is a way of taking action to minimise any possible problems you may come across. Our team of friendly and helpful staff can assist you in getting involved with activities and exercises to maintain healthy joints and muscles.

Physio treatment can help prolong your fitness and have a therapeutic effect on a number of conditions. We regularly treat the likes of arthritis, osteoporosis and even Parkinson’s disease. We can assess your situation and carry out specially designed treatment to ensure the process is a positive experience.

Simple activities such as walking up the stairs can be affected as the years go on, but with physio you are able to reduce any suffering. If you think you will benefit from physiotherapy, book an appointment with us today or call us on 07717 712 234.