How Physiotherapy for Elderly Patients Can Help Reduce Impact of Ageing

Our bodies will naturally experience wear and tear as we age; this is a normal process that occurs due to living an active life over the years. Sometimes it’s a case of reduced strength and balance over a period of time, other times it can be something more serious. Age-related incidents can include the likes of reduced muscle strength, poor co-ordination and general problems with mobility and balance.

Physiotherapy for elderly patients can help to reduce some of the impact ageing can have on our bodies. Whether you are experiencing deteriorating motor skills or something more severe, you may benefit from physiotherapy treatment.

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Retaining Good Posture As You Age

For many people advancing in age, maintaining the healthy, upright posture of their younger years can seem impossible. However, practicising certain exercises and being mindful of your posture can minimise the effects of stooped posture and rounded back typically caused by osteoporosis. Here are the structured – though not rigorous – posture practices we recommend…

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