Wilmslow Physio Clinic

With Wilmslow being a home to many care homes and sporting clubs, there’s no shortage of those who require physio in Wilmslow. Taking into account the wide variety of different treatment needs, from the two mentioned above, and including specialist treatments for road traffic accidents and postural problems gives us the benefit of being one of the only physiotherapists in Wilmslow to offer a holistic, all encompassing treatment choice.

We aim to be able to offer all of our client’s ongoing support if needed, but we are there also to sort out specialist problems that may be encountered over the course of a lifetime. Our friendly, helpful and highly qualified staff are always aware of the latest developments in our field, whether equipment or research into various different conditions and we take the time to learn all we can about new innovations so we can pass this benefit on to you.

Our treatment clinic is set up with the best equipment and we have handpicked the most qualified personnel who specialise in different areas of physiotherapy, so no matter what your ailment, we have someone on hand to help.

If you’re looking for physio in Wilmslow then there’s no better choice than Physio Wellbeing.  Simply fill in the form below to make your enquiry and we can start taking care of your needs.