How to Stay Safe when Playing Summer Sports

Now that the weather seems to be improving somewhat, and we all want to spend more time outdoors, it’s time to turn our heads to popular summer sports that are out there waiting for us!

Playing any kind of sport or taking part in exercise brings with it a few risks of injury, even if you are experienced. Whether you are an avid sports player or you have just been introduced to something new, you may need physiotherapy at some point to help an injury or prevent future injuries.

Here at Physio Wellbeing we have put together a few of the common injuries when playing summer sports, to help you avoid them and remain safe!

Warming up and cooling down

This is an important part of playing any sport, as it can help your muscles prepare themselves. A proper warm up can raise your heart rate and get you ready to play! If you don’t have a warm up routine, you may come across strained or torn muscles especially if you are new to the sport.

Cooling down after sport can also be an important process, as it can protect your muscles from seizing or tightening up.

Possible summer sports injuries

There are some common injuries that can occur from particular sports that are popular in the summer months, here are just a few of them to look out for.

Tennis, while a great summer sport, does come with its risks. ‘Tennis elbow’ often occurs due to overuse of the muscles that extend or bend the wrist. It’s also the muscle most used when the tennis ball hits the racquet. This is one of the most common injuries among tennis players.

Shoulder injuries can happen fairly easily, usually due to poor conditioning or weak rotator cuff muscles. The rotator cuff helps to position the shoulder properly in its socket, but can be damaged due to overhead movements such as serving.

Swimming is another popular sport for the summer, especially if you have access to a proper outdoor pool. Although it is a low impact sport, there are still some injuries that crop up time and time again. Shoulder injuries are, again, quite common due to damage to the rotator cuff. This can happen due to fatigue or weakness, or even overuse. Inflammation of the bicep tendon can also be possible.

Those who swim breaststroke regularly are at risk of knee injuries such as damage to the tendons and ligaments.

If you do happen to incur an injury while playing your favourite summer sports, you can undergo sport injury rehab to get you back on your feet and even help to prevent any further problems. Book an appointment with us today or call 07717 712 234.