Hale Barns Physio Clinic

PhysioWelllbeing is proud to be located in Hale Barns. Hale Barns physiotherapy clinic is discreetly located in the suburban area of Hale Barns to provide a private and confidential service to clients. Or if you wish PhysioWellbeing provides home visits for our clientele who prefer an even more exclusive service.

Whether you’ve injured yourself playing sport, or you’ve been in a road traffic accident you may well be looking for a physiotherapist in Hale Barnes that will be able to treat your injuries. Similarly, if you have an elderly relative that is suffering with joint pains for with musculoskeletal problems you may be searching for a competent physiotherapist to help them. Problems that require physiotherapist as treatment come in all shapes and sizes, and we’re here to make sure that you are able to benefit from a wealth of experience and knowledge when it comes to your injury or ailment.

The importance of good physiotherapy is often something that people take for granted. We don’t just do the necessary training to do our job. We pride ourselves on learning about new developments and treatments in our industry so that we can treat you better.

We have a wide variety of specialist treatments, from sports injury treatments for athletes to senior citizen rehabilitation, that can offer real benefits to those in need, and at our clinic, we aim to offer a professional high tech facility that will leave you in no doubt that we have the best equipment at our disposal.

If you’re looking for physio in Hale Barnes, then why not fill in the form above, and one of our friendly staff will be delighted to call you to discuss your needs. Parking is free as the clinic is situated in a detached house on Warburton drive. On your first visit, an initial assessment will be undertaken in a relaxed environment where you have the choice of tea, coffee or soft drink on arrival.

Please visit our clinic session page or treatment aspects for further details or call now to book yourself in for an appointment today.