Treatment and Rehabilitation for every sport

john-murrayIf you play sport at a higher level, here at Physio Wellbeing we have the ability to cater to your needs. We have an excellent track record working with a variety of levels of sport, whether you are a professional or you just participate in your chosen sport regularly.

Taking part in a sport can take its toll on your body if you don’t look after yourself and whether you are looking to treat an injury or take advantage of available preventative measures, our team is on hand to bring you a higher level of care. Our elite sport experience has been designed to keep you on your feet no matter what sport you are playing.

We have built great partnerships through our physiotherapy programmes, one such partnership being with John Murray’s ‘Murray Machines’ boxing gym. Treating both long-established champions as well as up and coming boxers, we understand the need for a tailored programme that will ensure you can do your best at every moment.

Our capacity to adapt and fit specific treatment and rehabilitation to each individual guarantees an elite experience, using exercises and techniques that work. We work with a number of different sports, from football to swimming and everything in between to ensure you get the rehab you need. We understand that sport injuries can be incredibly common even if you are a professional athlete; we can provide high standard treatment that is right for you.

If you’re interested in an elite sport experience, contact us to make a booking.