Road traffic accident rehabilitation (RTA)

Road Traffic Accidents (RTA) can bring chaos, loss of income and pain to our lives. If you have been involved in a road traffic accident and now have discomfort or injury as a result, we are here to help. By making use of not only our whiplash physiotherapy but by allowing us to carry out a full physical assessment, we can decide on the best course of action to restore you to full health.

Symptoms after a road traffic accident

So what sort of symptoms may you be experiencing that could be relieved by a course of whiplash physiotherapy? These can vary from person to person and of course, are dependent upon the sort of physical damage that you sustained. Possibly you have neck, shoulder or back pain since the accident. Alternatively, are you suffering from the sensation of pins and needles in your arms or legs? Any of these symptoms or a whole range of associated discomforts and tenderness can result after a road traffic accident.

Whiplash physiotherapy

Once we have examined you and carried out a full physical assessment, we will decide if you need a course of whiplash physiotherapy or one of the many other forms of treatment that we carry out. As part of the service offered by Physio Wellbeing, we also deal with many insurance companies and can liaise with them on your behalf if your treatment is being covered by a third party policy.

As well as whiplash physiotherapy, we also offer other treatments suitable for relief and repair after a road traffic injury. These vary from patient to patient but may include:

  • Deep soft tissue massage
  • Articulation of joints
  • A course of home exercise including cold/ice therapy where advised

You do not need to suffer because of your road traffic injury. Whether you are covered by insurance or not, we can help you to return to normal physical fitness.

Contact us now to book a full physical assessment and get your recovery started.