Physiotherapy Assessment

Carla-Physio-Wellbeing-59-EditInjury can affect anyone at any time. Whether your injury is acute or chronic, a musculoskeletal assessment will be able to locate and diagnose your soft tissue pain and tailor a specific treatment plan to your injury
In-depth assessment

You can expect your musculoskeletal assessment to be totally hands on in that your examination will be mainly a physical one. Of course we will also ask you questions about any pain or discomfort you may be experiencing so that any problems can be rectified.

When the musculoskeletal assessment is carried out, we will look for injuries or trauma all over the body. Spinal injuries, neck and back pain and any discomfort in the extremities will be investigated. At the same time we will carry out a biomechanical assessment if it appears that this is required. This will involve taking a close look at your lower limb function. Any abnormalities or adjustments being made by the body unnecessarily will be studied, including examination of the feet and knees if indicated.

Bespoke treatment

Each treatment plan is provided on a bespoke basis for each individual patient. No two people have the same problems, so you can rest assured that the remedy prescribed for you will be directly related to your discomfort, aches and pains.

Your eventual assistance will involve intensely deep soft tissue massage as well as applied therapy to joints. If it is indicated that strength and conditioning programme would be beneficial or even postural remedies, then these can be provided so that you can continue with the therapy at home.

Get in touch today to get your musculoskeletal assessment diarised. Not only will your body benefit from the professional treatment but you will feel so much better within.