Industry Professional Network

Calling all dentists, Psychologists, Doctors, personal trainers, sports clubs and all other professionals

Are you looking to expand your business and further the range of services that you provide? If so, get in touch with Physio Wellbeing today. If you are a medical professional or even a personal trainer, we can synergize together to be able to offer your clients or patients a well rounded and healthy outlook to plan going forward in their lives.

We currently work with various medical industry professionals and also many personal trainers. We don’t just service the clients you pass us, we also pass clients onto companies and individuals within our industry professional network. Every client that is referred to us, you will receive £10. The industry professional network also operates vice versa where we can help you too but you must pass our standards and meet the requirements we specify, such as prove all certifications to work in partnership with us. Contact our industry professional network business consultant today here at Physio Wellbeing and start the journey to diversifying your offerings and services as a business.