Physiotherapy for Knee Ligament Injuries

Your knee is made up of 4 different ligaments that help to keep everything moving and working as it should, but sometimes this doesn’t always go to plan. Here at Physio Wellbeing we understand that sometimes our body lets us down and we’re all prone to injuries at one point or another, but you shouldn’t have to suffer thanks to physiotherapy for knee ligament injuries.

The 4 ligaments in your knee are known as the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL), posterior cruciate ligament (PCL), lateral collateral ligament (LCL) and the medial collateral ligament (MCL).

Each ligament has a different job, but they generally help to stabilise the knee joint and control movement. While your ligaments are strong, they can still incur an injury every now and again if you’re not careful!

What causes a knee ligament injury?

Your knee ligaments may become damaged through a variety of different situations. A direct blow to your knee or knocking into something could cause pain, or if your knee is moved outside of its usual range of movement. This could mean falling down, or landing awkwardly while playing sport.

Injuries to both the ACL and MCL could be a result from playing sport, in particular; football, rugby, basketball and even skiing. Injuring your ACL usually happens if you have landed on your leg and quickly pivoted or twisted your knee in the other direction.

Injuring your PCL normally occurs if you fall on a bent knee; symptoms may not be noticeable immediately and it could take you a while to realise what you have done.

Symptoms you may notice

There are many different symptoms to look out for if you think you have injured a ligament in your knee. If you have torn your ligament completely, you will probably hear or feel a popping sensation. Swelling usually occurs and you will feel pain or tenderness when touching your knee.

Probably the main symptom you will notice is not being able to use or move your knee normally. If you think you have damaged a ligament, you have a few options to help you back on your feet.

Physiotherapy for knee ligament injures

Physiotherapy treatment could be incredibly helpful as it can help with your range of movement. Likewise, exercises suggested by your physio can help to strengthen the muscles that support your knee to both help recovery and prevent the same injury happening again.

Helping your knee to recover after your injury can include a number of different factors. It’s important to try and exercise your knee and regain normal movements to help the stiffness and pain to disappear, but you may need treatment for the injury itself first.

It may be worth noting that different severities of the injury could require different treatment; if you have injured your ACL or LCL you will most probably need surgery.

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