Pre & Post Operative Physiotherapy Rehab

Surgery at any age can be worrying and stressful and as we age, we are also much more likely to suffer from the added physical effects of our body’s reaction to the trauma caused by the operation.
Thankfully, by allowing us to carry out a full assessment of your physical condition before and after surgery, we can reduce the negative impact that would otherwise be unavoidable.

Our carefully formulated treatment plan will give your body the boost it needs, pre and post-surgery. If you have been bed-ridden for a time and left feeling stiff, uncomfortable and with some weakness, our Post-Operative Physiotherapy and Post-Operative Rehabilitation can offer tremendous benefits.

Pre or post-operative?

Our course of physiotherapy is recommended for both. If taken prior to surgery and after a full Physio Wellbeing assessment, there is far less risk of soft tissue tightness resulting from any type of invasive surgery. The specialised pre-operative physiotherapy consists of deep soft tissue massage which enables these parts of the body to be restored and replenished with blood. The resultant re-energised tissue will be much less susceptible to damage or injury from any surgical procedure, no matter how minor or major it may be.

Post-operative rehabilitation

When our body is subjected to any surgical procedure there is an inflammatory response, being the body’s natural reaction to any invasive technique. This immediately increases the chances of the surrounding tissues tightening and the soft tissue becoming more prone to injury.

Our hands-on post-operative rehabilitation massage will restore muscle length by gentle yet powerful manipulation. Flexibility of your joints will be increased and any inflammation or adhesions that have resulted after the surgery will be reduced and cleared up. In this way, your body will be provided with the best possible chance of recovery.

Don’t let the thought of surgery be daunting. Visit us now for help and advice on how to deal with it in a positive and proactive way.