Senior Citizen Rehab

As we age, we can all have problems with aches and pains and many think that there is no option but to live with the discomfort. However, even as our body gets older, massage can be incredibly beneficial and can rejuvenate the muscles, allowing the flexibility of the tissues to be replenished.

At Physio Wellbeing we understand that our treatments can help to prolong the fitness of the body in the best way possible. No matter your age, our elderly physiotherapy can have a wonderfully therapeutic effect.
What sort of problems can we treat?

As an older person, you may find yourself suffering with a range of problems. We regularly treat arthritis, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis and even Parkinson’s disease. Of course, even the less serious joint pains, aches and soreness can be much improved. By giving you a thorough assessment and putting in place a suitable regime of treatment, you can return to your previous level of mobility and will be able to function at a much higher level. This in turn will give you a much better quality of life as you find yourself much more able to partake in not just domestic but also pleasurable activities.

But will the treatment be painful?

Our elderly physio treatment has been specifically designed to be not only restorative but also a comforting and relaxing experience. It should never be painful as we are extremely careful about the way in which our massage treatments are conducted.

If your daily activities have been limited such as climbing stairs or walking, elderly physiotherapy can be a great solution. It is also recommended if you are recovering from an operation and have maybe been bed-ridden for a time. We cannot take away the natural wear and tear that affects everyone’s bodies as they age, but we can help to minimise and reduce any mobility problems.

Don’t suffer any longer with those aches, pains and stiffness. Arrange a consultation for our elderly physiotherapy treatment and give yourself a new lease of life.