Treatments Aspects

Physio Wellbeing provides a range of treatment techniques dependant on your injury or pain and where it is located, these are detailed below. To check what we treat then check out our what we treat page.

Deep Soft Tissue Massage & Sports Massage

Hands on massage to release soft tissue tightness and re-orientate/re-align any scar tissue build up limiting overall function. In any soft tissue injury, there is an inflammatory response. Even though inflammation is crucial for healing, the average person produces too much inflammation compared to what one needs. Excess inflammation deposits around the injury site becoming more viscous as injury heals. The viscous inflammation forms adhesions which restrict blood supply to the area. Damaged cells need blood in the same way that plants need water so restriction in the blood supply means that the soft tissues become more fibrotic over time and the area tightens as a result. The scar tissue that is laid down has a different composition to normal tissue. Scar tissue is not orientated well and is more mesh like. This further tightens the area, predisposing yourself to injuries in the future and then this can be a viscous cycle of restarting the inflammatory process over and over again and tightening more each time and again predisposing you to more injuries with time unless the area is treated.

Deep soft tissue massage works into the adhesions, making it less viscous., allowing the tissues to be lubricated with blood and function more optimally. Also scar tissue is worked into once the inflammation has settled which restores the flexibility in the area by making the scar tissue more alligned. Untreated injuries manifest and weakens the area–over time, this may be why so many people complain that their back went over the slightest little thing! The main reason for this is because their soft tissues are not flexible enough to withstand the pressures upon it.

So why not help yourself today and book yourself in for a massage for the pain you are having which will not only help you now but will also help you in the future by replenishing the affected area and preventing you being predisposed to pain in the future!

Joint Articulations

Joint articulations help to lubricate the joint and clears up any excess inflammation that can be restricting range of movement enabling more flexibility in the treated area.

Strength & Conditioning Programs

To improve overall performance and prevent unwanted stresses going through the affected joints in order to prevent further damage or injury.

Postural & Lifestyle Advice

See the benefits of postural/lifestyle advice by visiting our postural assessment section.