Corporate/Exhibition Event Hire

Looking for something different for your next corporate event or exhibition? Have you considered corporate event physiotherapy? Why not hire our team to give your potential clients a neck massage live on your exhibition stand or after a corporate event. In business you need to make yourself stand out from the crowd and show you care for your customers, What would be a better way to do it than giving prospects and clients a massage whilst they do business with you are discuss working with you as a business?

Our team have operated at all the UK’s major exhibition halls for various companies and we have had some great results. We increased the foot fall to their stand by at least two fold and have proven that our massage has led to customers doing business with our client as a direct result.

Give us a call or fill out the contact form today and we will endeavour to have availability and be at hand to ensure your event propels into a real success that is reminiscent of all the hard work that you have put together. We will ensure to tailor the service exactly to your requirements and we will promise a long lasting and memorable experience for all that are interested in your event.