Sport Injury Rehabilitation and Maintenance

Sports injuries are incredibly common and very easy to fall foul to no matter what sort of activity you participate in. Our sports injury assessment is suitable for anyone that is experiencing pain, discomfort or trauma in any part of their body. Whether you are certain that your injury is sports related, or not really sure, we can help.

We will conduct an in-depth sports injury assessment within our centre at Physio Wellbeing. Once complete, you will be enabled to obtain full fitness again and will find your injury relieved as you partner with us during a scheme of effective recovery.

Aids recovery and prevention

The treatment that is given after a sports injury assessment is suitable not only when you have suffered an injury but can also be used as a preventive measure to offset possible damage in the future. For instance, if you are a runner and have a problem with your knees, not only can we work to enhance the strength of the joint but correct application of corrective procedures can bring relief as well as ward off re-injury.

Our aim is to get you back to the sport that you love so much as quickly as we can. So what sort of injury does out sport injury assessment cover? We will treat a whole range of injuries sustained either directly or indirectly from a sporting activity. Strained muscles, damaged cartilage, painful joints; all of these and much more can be relieved and repaired by the use of powerful and extremely successful deep massage.

All activities catered for

It doesn’t matter whether you are a runner, footballer, rugby player, jogger or active gym member. Not warming up properly before starting or just being unlucky whilst involved in the activity can leave you with pain, strain and tenderness.

A full sports massage has an amazing effect on the body and will aid your body on its way towards full recuperation. Call to book a full sports injury assessment with us now.