Physiotherapy Assessments

Our clinic provides physiotherapy assessments for many different conditions and symptoms:

Generic Musculoskeletal

Whether you have a recent injury or a longstanding condition, our generic musculoskeletal assessment will enable us to identify what is wrong.  After a full examination we will be able to understand what is causing the pain in the soft tissue. Everyone is different so we need to be able to recommend the most effective treatment plan for you.

Sport Injury

It is very easy to find oneself injured unexpectedly when playing sport.  Our tailored sport injury assessment concentrates on effective diagnosis followed by a plan of scheduled recovery.  This helps you to return to full fitness as soon as possible and can prevent similar injuries in the future.  Get back to being fit and active in the best way possible by allowing us to assist you.

Road Traffic Accident (RTA)

Road traffic accidents are unfortunately a part of everyday life and any one of us can suffer as a result of unforeseen calamities.  If you have been involved in any sort of road traffic accident and are suffering pain as a result, our physiotherapy assessment will locate injuries or damage.  No matter where the pain is in your body; neck, shoulder, back or arms and legs, we will diagnose the cause of the trauma and work to enable you to heal, regain movement and remove pain.

Senior Citizen Rehab

We all get older but it doesn’t mean that we have to suffer aches and pains in silence. Therapeutic massage can help to rejuvenate the muscles and give more flexibility and movement to the tissues and joints. By opting for our senior citizen rehabilitation assessment, we will give you a thorough overhaul and put together a recommended schedule of therapy.  Stiffness and pain will be alleviated and suppleness revived.

Pre & Post-operative Physiotherapy

If you are preparing yourself for surgery or starting to recover from an operation, physiotherapy can help with the process. This assessment allows us to forecast your body’s reaction to the surgery pre-op.  Deep soft tissue massage can be extremely beneficial and can be planned in advance.  Post-op, a physiotherapy assessment is invaluable as it can help rid the body of any linked inflammatory responses making you less prone to secondary injury due to post-surgical tightness.